How to get free Images for Your website and Blog?

In today’s era of rich media, no one could ever imagine writing content without putting related images. To support your text in blog posts or to make your website appealing to viewers, suitable photos have become a necessity. However, searching an appropriate photo for your blog post or website could be an agony and the legal one would be harder to spot. There are numerous reasons to include photos in your blog posts as images help you to navigate more traffic naturally, for example, if you are writting a blog about loves adding pictures related with it will help you attract more traffic to your website, therefore the next step you will take is to download love image to enrich your blog.

The most risky way to get images for your website is Google image search. You can safely use it too but there are certain image owners that may probably sue you if they found out their images are utilized. For Example Getty owns a lot of images and if they discover it out that their images are illegally used by people on their respective websites then all good luck because now you have to find some legal means to fight. If you are building website for your clients, the utmost thing you want is to put one of the images on your client’s website that someone else owns and they get sued for it.

Whenever you build a website, what it really makes stand out and look good is quality images. You have to get resources to get images for that purpose. So, here some free resources would be shared in order to get acceptable photos for your website and blog.

  • One of the free resources is that offers high quality photos. Basically there are contributors who upload their images to this site and attribution is not essentially required. They also offer free stock videos besides images. This site also offers some great advanced tools to improvise your content like Pexels chrome extension is very useful and easy.

  • One of the bigger and larger image website is The style of its main page is almost same as Pexels, offers high quality images. On this site, you might need to give attribution or credit link to owners on some photos. If you are looking for relevant photos then is a right place to take start. Good part is you can search photos by using keywords here. In case of downloading the image, you need to log in.

  • com will be the perfect site for you if you are a travel blogger. It claims to offer ten photos for every ten days and for that you need to subscribe. Quality of images is of very high resolution and high definition. Although you can’t search photos through keyword here. You can put to use the download images on your website or your own blog or any project.

  • There is new way of finding images and it’s called the LibreStock. It works on searching all of the free image websites and makes the results appear in a single place. It’s like Google for sites offering free images. When you click the photo, it links back to that site where the image belongs such as Pexels and Pixabay.

The reason behind offering free images by these websites is that most of these sites make money through either affiliate marketing or by revealing ads like Google AdSense and But anyone can avail the free images from the above websites without any curb. In addition, these sites warn people to avoid their stuff selling to others otherwise severe action will be taken averse to them.


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